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Blazing Their Own Trails

Our scouts in the new Troop 209 Girls are definitely blazing their own trails. We have some who aspire to a career in the military and want to earn Eagle as quickly as possible, we have others who just love hanging out with their friends in the outdoors. We even have a few who are a bit weary of the outdoors, but still love camping with their friends and going on hikes!

So far, our troop has:

~ participated in a Trailblazers camping weekend at Camp Minsi (April)

~ attended JAMBO on the Kutztown University campus (May)

~ kayaked the Delaware River rapids (June)

~ completed multiple merit badges while at Camp Minsi summer camp (July)

~ participated in an Advancement Campout weekend (August)

~ attended an Aviation Merit Badge experience and rode in an airplane (September)

~ assisted the Palmerton Rod & Gun Club with their mailings and range cleanup (ongoing)

Moving forward, the troop has planned to:

~ attend the Scouts Take Over the Mountain event at Blue Mountain (October)

~ participate in an archery night

~ work together to escape the 'escape room'

~ conduct a pumpkin carving contest

~ plan a Harvest/Halloween social

~ run the Rod & Gun Club's children's Christmas Party (December)

~ learn/practice climbing skills at an indoor climbing gym

Quite a few of our Scouts earned their Scout and Tenderfoot ranks so far, and at least half are working toward their second and first class ranks for the next Court of Honor.

Whether your daughter wants to be one of the next female Eagle Scouts, or whether she just wants to have fun...she is welcome in our troop!

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